The news that Kailash ji (Bhaisahab ji) won 'Nobel Peace Prize' made the the Bal Ashram family delirious.  Bhaisahab ji is the first naturally born Indian to get this most coveted award.

The moment could not be explained in words but the feeling that was sensed by every member of the family including children and the staff members was exhilarating. The spontaneous hug that everybody started giving each other brought tears of joy.

The emotional moment was followed by slogans against child labour being raised at every nook and corner of Bal Ashram. Beating of drums accompanied by dancing, playing with colours, singing patriotic songs left everybody mesmerized. The festive mood which still continues is being celebrated by distribution of sweets. The children on this occasion expressed their feelings on canvas and paper congratulating their beloved and most revered Bhaisahab ji.