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We earnestly invite your support for Bal Ashram and help for children rescued from child labour and slavery. You can help rekindle the smiles of children robbed of their childhoods.

The ordeals of Kalu, Aslam & Sneha ended up in success stories owing to the generous support of individuals and organizations. Seven year old Shankar, nine year old Abdul & fifteen year old Joseph (all names changed) living at Bal Ashram have dreams of becoming a policeman, doctor and engineer like any other child of this age. Would you be the one to help them to fulfil their tender dreams?

We want the children at Bal Ashram to have the best quality of life possible, therefore we propose the following projects for which we need your support:

1. Rehabilitation and education of the children
We are hard pressed for funds in order to run Bal Ashram. At present the running cost of Bal Ashram is borne by the Embassy of Netherlands and Kids Rights (Netherlands).

2. Construction of peripheral boundary walls
The 13 acre land parcel on which Bal Ashram stands is split into 3 portions (boys' rehabilitation centre, girls' vocational training centre and cultivation land). The Ashram is partially fenced by boundary walls at the moment, exposing it to various risks.

3. A solar cooking and water heating system
Acknowledging our respect for the environment, we would like to install eco-friendly solar heaters that would be used for cooking and heating water for the residents of Bal Ashram.

4. Subsistence Organic Vegetable Farm
We wish to set up a farm to grow vegetables towards the daily requirements of Bal Ashram's kitchen for self-sustainability.

5. Mobile Medical Van and Health Awareness Camps
Bal Ashram has been gifted an ambulance for villagers in the vicinity. The most needy women and children from the nearby villages do not often get medical attention. We aim to appoint a part-time lady doctor and a nurse/ health worker to staff regular clinics and camps for these women and children.

6. Energy Generation through bio-waste
Bal Ashram would like to set up a Bio Waste Plant to generate energy for the Ashram.

Some of the contribution options for your kind consideration are presented hereunder: 

Monthly cost of supporting one child at Bal Ashram: - Euro 70

Supporting the construction of boundary walls for:
(a) Girls' Vocational Centre: Euro 18,000
(b) Boys' Rehabilitation Centre: Euro 18,000
(c) Land for cultivation: Euro 10,000
Supporting the installation of a solar cooking and water heating system: Euro 25,000
Supporting the infrastructure for subsistence organic vegetable farming: Euro 15,000
Supporting the installation of a bio-waste energy generation plant: Euro 10,000


You can also send your remittances either by cheque or bank draft in favour of:

Bal Ashram Trust
L-6, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019 INDIA

On receiving the amount, you will be sent a receipt for the same. You will also be added to our mailing list, keeping you connected with us. In case you wish to directly reach out to any one of us, please write to us at